Monday, August 23, 2010

Fact check: More cars in our culture

Chris Carlsson, one of the founders of Critical Mass, is quoted as saying in a recent edition of the Bay Guardian that "There's no doubt we're going to have way fewer privately owned cars in our culture." Actually, there's a lot of doubt about that.

Information from the Department of Motor Vehicles on the number of vehicles registered in San Francisco for the year 2000: 371,786 cars, 63,556 trucks, and 16,537 motorcycles/motor scooters for a total of 451,879 registered motor vehicles in the city that year.

The latest DMV numbers for 2009: 381,737 cars, 59,751 trucks, and 20,339 motorcycles/motor scooters for a total of 461,827 motor vehicles now registered in San Francisco.

There are 9,948 more motor vehicles registered in SF now than there were in 2000.

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