Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bike to Work Day costs city taxpayers $50,000

Below is a copy of a page from a two-year contract the city has with the SF Bicycle Coalition to stage Bike to Work Day. I bet most people in SF assume that the Bicycle Coalition pays for the annual promotional event. Wrong! City taxpayers foot the bill to the tune of $50,000 a year. In effect city taxpayers are paying the bike zealots to propagandize the public about bikes.

Bike to Work Day is next Thursday:

Exhibit B
Compensation and Payment
Personnel Hourly Rate (including overhead and profit), Estimated Total Hours and Total Amounts

Position Hourly Rate including overhead
Executive Director $50/hr
Program Director $45/hr
Membership Director $45/hr
Operations Director $45/hr
Bike To Work Day Intern $500 stipend per intern each event

Estimated total hours for SFBC Staff each event year 710 hours
Estimated total salary for SFBC Staff each event year $32,545
6 Interns each annual event $3,000

Subtotal Labor Costs each annual event $35,545

Total Labor Costs for two annual events $71,090

Estimated Direct Cost for Print Materials, Supplies. Equipment Rentals etc
(subject to approval by SFMTA Liaison)

First annual event $4,455
Second annual event $4,455

Total Direct Cost for two annual events $8,910

Other Reimbursable Costs for Supplies/Equipment Rentals. etc.

(subject to approval by SFMTA Liaison)

Additional reimbursable expenses subject to approval by SFMTA Liaison $19,000

Total Reimbursable Cost for two annual events $19,000


Contract No. CS-157
Page B-1