Thursday, March 18, 2010

The sit-lie ordinance and the Cute Movement

For generations San Francisco has been a destination for political/cultural rebels and eccentrics, but the current generation isn't really rebellious. They are conformists, who like to run in packs in the Critical Mass, flash-mob fashion. 

The most annoying thing about them: they seem to be utterly convinced of their own cuteness and cleverness as manifested in a variety of public demonstrations. I suspect these young folks are products of the self-esteem movement of a previous generation; their parents and teachers told them they were oh so smart and cute no matter what they did. Now the city is infested with whole generation of these juvenile narcissists who are working out their Mommy and Daddy issues at the expense of city taxpayers and everyone else who uses city streets.

Critical Mass was the first manifestation of the flash mob syndrome, and it now costs the city $10,000 a month for city cops on overtime to babysit the demo on the last Friday of every month.

Then we have the Valentine's Day pillow fight on the Embarcadero that costs $35,000 for Public Works to clean up every year.

The latest manifestation of the Cute Movement is opposition to the proposed sit-lie ordinance designed to give city cops another tool to deal with the lowlife punks who clutter up the sidewalks of Haight Street. Once again they are going to show the rest of us how adorable, clever, creative, and progressive they are by performing various stunts and mini-demos on city sidewalks:

On Saturday, March 27, people in every neighborhood will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them. Multiple events have already been planned and the list is growing by the day. What can you do for Sidewalks are for People? Anything! Just occupy a space on the sidewalk, perhaps with a table, lawn chair or carpet. Then, make music, barbecue, do yoga, create a lemonade stand, read, relax, make art, have an argument, talk, sun bathe, do your taxes, play chess, meditate, do tai chi, eat, knit, dance, paint, write, sit, lie down, play---Anything!

Take that, Blue Meanies!

More importantly, you have to document your cleverness with videos and pictures. If you can't show your friends after the event how creative you are, there's no point in doing it: "Be sure to document your event with photos and video."

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