Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bevan Dufty: The Deliberator

Supervisor Dufty can't seem to pee or get off the pot:

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, whose vote would be crucial to override a potential veto from the Mayor, has asked for more time to talk to people on both sides of the debate before taking a final vote. Garage addition companies, landlords and condo conversion supporters are reportedly pressuring Dufty to vote down the measure, while affordable housing, transit, pedestrian and bicycle advocates are rallying behind the garage legislation.

Dufty was "deliberating" last month.

And he's still "deliberating" this week.

This guy wants to be mayor? He's a waffler, who's terrified of offending any interest group in the city, especially the bike zealots.

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Progs defend oppressed Moslem criminals

Luqman Ameen Abdullah (Christopher Thomas)

Fog City has a press release from the Asian Law Caucus, the ACLU, and the Bay Guardian:

According to civil rights organizations, community members, and media reports, the FBI has engaged in a deliberate plan to infiltrate Muslim communities through the use of informants and covert actions. Tensions are especially high between the FBI and Muslim groups following the death of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, a Detroit cleric who was killed under questionable circumstances during an FBI raid in October 2009.

Since the FBI has busted a number of potentially violent plots using these tactics, why would they give Chomskyan progressives any information on how they are monitoring Moslem groups?

Luqman Ameen Abdullah (a.k.a Christopher Thomas), by the way, was running a fencing operation through his mosque, dealing in stolen TVs, cars, furs, computers, and guns. When the FBI raided his operation, he pulled a gun and was shot dead. Read the indictment of him and his Islamic crime partners here.

Luqman Ameen Abdullah led an Islamic organization headed up by the former H. Rap Brown, who is serving a life sentence for shooting two cops in Georgia. This is precisely the kind of group the FBI should be monitoring to protect the American people.

Tim Redmond, the Guardian's political editor, contributed a typically obtuse quotation to the press release:

“If the federal government is going to spend taxpayer dollars on a questionable enforcement action, the public has the right to know the details of how it was implemented,” said Tim Redmond of the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Right. The FBI should tell a guy who thinks Care Not Cash is a war on the poor and that graffitti vandalism is "public art" all about their undercover operations. What could go wrong with that?

The Guardian didn't see fit to publish anything about the ongoing Islamic campaign to kill the Danish artists who drew Mohammed for a Danish newspaper.

The full text of the press release.

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