Saturday, February 06, 2010

Reinventing the Masonic Ave. wheel

Michael Helquist, who does the BikeNopa blog, and his readers are now talking about Masonic Avenue as if it hasn't already been the subject of exhaustive analysis in the EIR on the Bicycle Plan---and as if I haven't also been talking about it for a couple of years.

Unfortunately for Helquist and the bike people, others read me and---even more important---apparently city officials understand that screwing up Masonic on behalf of the city's bike people is not politically feasible, which is surely why the city left Masonic off its priorty list of bicycle projects. As the EIR told us, implementing the Bicycle Plan on Masonic will have "significant unavoidable impacts," which means that it will screw up both regular traffic and cause significant delays for Muni's #43 line.

I've been writing about Masonic Ave. and the bike people for more than two years. A good place to start is with this post.

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