Monday, February 01, 2010

Critical Massers to police chief: "Bring it on"

No matter how much the people of San Francisco hate Critical Mass, the Massers are defiant---even threatening---in response to Police Chief Gascon's public disapproval:

If the police try again to prevent our popular movement, the same thing is guaranteed to happen. More people will show up, and we’ll just invent new tactics---a welcome opportunity, since our ride has been entirely predictable for years now. Hey, maybe we could try skipping Pee Wee Herman Plaza in favor of meeting in 4 or 5 separate locations. With ubiquitous cellphones and twitter messaging, organizing that sort of decentralized response ought to be even easier than it was 13 years ago! We’ll stop short of asking Gascon to “bring it on,” but only because we’re not macho idiots, and we know he has more important work to do. Gotta get a jump on that 20%!

They are in fact "macho idiots." They don't seem to understand---"our popular movement"?---how unpopular they are.