Friday, January 08, 2010

What SF progressives don't want to talk about

Let the record show that none of the city's progressives have even mentioned the Christmas day attempt by the Nigerian Muslim to blow up an airliner. Nothing in the Bay Guardian, BeyondChron, or Fog City. Left in SF is apparently defunct; there hasn't been a post there since last summer. Ditto for Chris Daly's blog, which hasn't given city progressives any political guidance since last October. I mean, what the fuck? 

Based on their recent posts about their disappointment with President Obama in the Guardian's blog, BeyondChron, and Fog City, the progressive assumption seems to be that terrorism is somehow an inevitable consequence of a misguided US foreign policy, if not US imperialism. If the US would simply abandon "warmongering" and withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan---and allow Israel to be destroyed---the Muslim fanatics would stop trying to kill us.

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