Monday, May 24, 2010

Judi Bari: We still don't know who tried to kill her

This from Dennis Cunningham, one of the lawyers that successfully sued the FBI on behalf of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, in BeyondChron:

But they[the timber companies] didn't want to make a martyr out of her. They hoped to shut her up for good. They thought they did, but she didn't die in the bombing. It was a miracle she didn't die. But then they had her accused of the bombing. Within three hours and five minutes of the explosion, they were under arrest.

In fact we still don't know who put the bomb underneath the driver's seat of her car 20 years ago, though there are plenty of reasons to suspect that the timber companies and the FBI were involved.

Nick Wilson is the most reliable source on the subject:

It is my strong belief that a cabal of big timber corporations planned and carried out the May 24, 1990 car-bombing and attempted frame-up of the late Earth First! leader and Redwood Summer organizer Judi Bari, a well-known proponent of nonviolent action. Despite clear evidence that she was targeted because of her timber reform activism, including weeks of death threats that she had reported to police, the FBI falsely accused Bari of knowingly carrying the motion-triggered pipe bomb that nearly killed her when it exploded under her driver's seat, and the agency conducted a sustained media smear campaign against her, even though there was no evidence against her, and no charges were ever filed.

The industry's public relations plan was to demonize Earth First!, then to falsely link EF! to Prop. 130 so as to fool the voters into believing the initiative was "too extreme." The plan succeeded, just barely, in defeating the initiative by a fraction of a percentage point. And as a direct result, the four biggest timber corporations in the state each raked in at least a billion dollars during the '90s that they couldn't have if Forests Forever had been passed.

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