Saturday, April 24, 2010

DCCC supports street punks

Of course the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) approved Bob Haaland's fatuous sit/lie resolution conflating a hodge-podge of "progressive" issues with the street-punks-on-Haight-Street issue.

Recall that this committee was taken over by ultra-left Democrats a few years ago.

Recall too that the DCCC lefties promptly endorsed fringe-left issues---legalizing prostitution in SF, dumping JROTC from city schools, and public power---that were promptly rejected by city voters in the next election. If it's on the ballot, city voters will surely pass a tough anti-sit-lie proposition.

Republican Howard Epstein summed up the sit-lie issue best with his comment on Haaland's resolution: "Its typical of 'progressives' to side with the punks to the detriment of the taxpaying citizens and businesses."



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