Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bevan Dufty: The Deliberator

Supervisor Dufty can't seem to pee or get off the pot:

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, whose vote would be crucial to override a potential veto from the Mayor, has asked for more time to talk to people on both sides of the debate before taking a final vote. Garage addition companies, landlords and condo conversion supporters are reportedly pressuring Dufty to vote down the measure, while affordable housing, transit, pedestrian and bicycle advocates are rallying behind the garage legislation.

Dufty was "deliberating" last month.

And he's still "deliberating" this week.

This guy wants to be mayor? He's a waffler, who's terrified of offending any interest group in the city, especially the bike zealots.

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At 9:25 AM, Anonymous MitchDickGeorge said...

Seems like Dufty voted for it, but then he was afraid of offending the business interests, so he's going to vote against it, despite the wishes of the bike zealots. He did the same on the Parking Meter Extensions, in the end he was against the wishes of the bike zealots. Sounds to me like Bevan is your kind of guy, frankly.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

It's not how he votes on a particular issue but the constant dithering. After years in political office, he doesn't seem to understand that you can't please everyone; someone is going to be unhappy no matter how you vote.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

By the way, in this morning's Examiner, Melissa Griffin talks about the "iffy data" behind the issue of alleged displacement and new garages. Apparently none of the supervisors thought to examine Supervisor Chiu's data before wasting so much time on this pseudo-issue.


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