Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"I can't believe their sense of entitlement"

Oliver Stone on transportation in New York:

For a city that’s been so revitalized, that’s become so incredible again, the airports are a disgrace. Any chance I get, I fly out of Newark. Even the smallest airports in China are better than La Guardia, and you can just forget about J.F.K.

My second choice is a little less important, maybe, but the cabdrivers here are horrendous, and something needs to be done. I’d say 22 percent of my cab rides recently have ended in near collisions. They drive like they don’t even care, like they just want to get to their destination.

But as much as I dislike the taxi drivers, the bicyclists are worse. I was almost hurt, twice, seriously, by bikes. One time, at night, a guy was going the wrong way down the street and almost ran me down. He called me an expletive, so I called him something back, and he came at me with a knife! I can’t believe their sense of entitlement.

Lastly, and I know it’s not doable, it’s just a hypothesis, but they ought to send Bloomberg up to Albany. You need a strong man up there. The best solution for New York is to get him up there as governor and let him clean house.



At 7:36 PM, OpenID real_talk said...

Most of the bicyclists one runs into in New York are probably undocumented immigrants doing food delivery. Oliver Stone is a racist.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

"Probably"? You call Stone a racist on that basis? Race has nothing to do with Stone's comments. Pretty lame, as is your elaborate justification for remaining anonymous in making the slur. (Click on "real talk" [sic] for that information)


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