Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patricia Decker: Bike person

Patricia Decker and Robert Porterfield provide a lot of big numbers on the construction of the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge in their long article for the SF Public Press.

They might have also mentioned another big Bay Bridge number, since early this year the Toll Authority commissioned a $1.3 million study on the feasibility of putting a bike lane on the Western span of the Bay Bridge at a potential cost of $390 million!

Since Decker is a bike person and an active member of the SF Bicycle Coalition, maybe she thought it wouldn't be helpful to the cause to bring up that particular big number. 

She's so attached to her bike she's given it a name:

mireille (that's the bike. yeah, i named her. and use gender-specific terms when discussing her) changed all of that. before i'd even settled into the lower haight, i'd load up the bike onto AC transit, "dart" across the bay, and cruise up and down howard and folsom streets for dance classes, capoeira and other mission delights. it was practice for the inevitable move. i had to get a taste for the landscape and get some cycling wits to boot.

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