Monday, October 05, 2009

"Improving" Divisadero: an interim report

Take a look at one of the blocks on Divisadero that the city has completed in its first phase of "improving" Diviz: between McAllister and Fulton. The new pavement is long overdue and is a great improvement. There are new, snazzier curb cuts, which is good. And the sidewalk on the Southwest corner of Divisadero, where the #24 bus stops, has been widened to accomodate people waiting for the bus. But the dangerous phase of the so-called improvements is yet to come: the landscaping, new "street furniture," and new light fixtures. The city knows how to pave streets, but not how to "improve" the look of our streets with its suburban sense of what a neighborhood street should look like. The city should stop "improving" Divisadero once it has finished repaving it.