Saturday, June 27, 2009

Muni's contempt for its passengers 2

As the city fights an ongoing battle against illegal billboards and advertising, it continues to allow ads on the sides of Muni buses that prevent passengers from getting a clear view of their city. In spite of paying lip service to the notion that San Francisco is a "transit first" city, in reality Muni passengers are treated as strictly second-class citizens.

Boom or bust, the city never gets around to finding enough money for Muni, which has a chronic budget deficit, the excuse for allowing the advertisements that cover bus windows---they need the money! Only Supervisor McGoldrick questioned the practice shortly before leaving office.

The latest sign of the city's contempt for those of us who rely on Muni: the rush to implement the Bicycle Plan, which, as the massive environmental impact report tells us, is going to jam up traffic all over the city, including the Muni system that already has chronic on-time problems.

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