Monday, June 01, 2009

Rincon Hill neighborhood worried about bike plan

"Those of you who attended the May 5th Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting and who had concerns about the current proposal for 2nd Street changes (eliminating a lane in both directions, eliminating northbound left hand turns from 2nd Street) because no consideration appears to be given to the residents living in Rincon Hill, South Beach, and other SoMa neighborhoods in regards to additional traffic congestion and reduced safety for pedestrians trying to walk in our neighborhoods should show up at the June 5th meeting to voice your concerns. I know a group of neighbors met with the SF MTA last Friday to discuss tweaks to the 2nd Street corridor plan, like adding a couple of left hand turns and some smart signals to provide green arrows for left hand turns on northbound 2nd Street, but I am uncertain if it is falling on deaf ears at the SF MTA or not."

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