Monday, April 13, 2009

Planned Market/Buchanan monstrosity

Click on this link from Curbed, the real estate blog, to see what the city wants to do at Market and Buchanan.
The Planning Commission is hearing an appeal on its Negative Declaration---a finding of no impacts!---for this 10-story monstrosity on Thursday, April 16. The thing is higher and glaringly incompatible with everything behind it, i.e., old victorian houses and apartment buildings in edwardian/deco styles. Their views, light and air will be blocked as the building will only be 11 feet from their windows that now overlook an open view. The lack of setbacks and backyards is courtesy of the Market/Octavia rezoning. It will also block all public views of the Mint from the south and east. There has been no analysis of impacts on parking, growth, transit, traffic, etc. A complete environmental impact report is what's needed for this massive development.


Proposed development of 1960-1998 Market Street at Buchanan (site of former 76 Gas station)

Dear friends and neighbors,

We write to ask for your support in reducing the negative impact of the 8½ story building proposed for Market at Buchanan. The current design calls for an 85-foot structure to envelope the entire lot of the gas station and adjacent parking lot and to include air space above the Mint Karaoke Bar at 1942 Market. This new glass sheet will drastically alter the character of our neighborhood and will obstruct views of and from the Federal Mint. For at least 30 units in the surrounding residential buildings, it will create a dim lightwell that will greatly restrict natural air flow, light and views. If your current home overlooks this site, your own quality of life will be affected.

We understand and support the city's need to create new housing. We are simply asking for a reduction in bulk/height of the proposed project to preserve liveability and enjoyment of our residences and the neighborhood. We strongly believe the project as currently proposed alters the character of the area and presents an unfair burden on those who would be forced to live in its shadow.

We need your help.

The City must hear from as many concerned residents as possible. Thus far there has been little official resistance to the project. On Thursday, April 16, the Planning Commission will review and potentially approve the first step in advancing the project in its current form. To support a more reasonably scaled version of this project, please:

1) Voice your concerns in person on Thursday, April 16 at Commission Chambers, Room 400, City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, 1:30 PM.

2) Write a letter or email to the Planning Commission and ask that it be included in the official comments for the April 16 meeting.

We cannot stress enough that the more individuals who write and personally speak to the Commission the greater our impact. Please consider joining our efforts to achieve a more balanced design that takes into account the human impact. Remember, this project will permanently alter the landscape of the neighborhood, as well as set the tone for future development along Market Street. Time is of the essence. Please act now.

If you share our concerns and wish to join forces, please contact us ASAP. If you do nothing else, please send a letter to the Planning Commission prior to next Thursday's meeting. Indicate that you wish it to be included in the official comments for Case No.2006.1431E: 1960-1998 Market Street.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


You can email us for an electronic version of the sample letter and more details on the proposed project.

Planning Commission Link:

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