Monday, July 20, 2009

Jim Herd: No longer anonymous

I've never met Jim Herd, but he evidently has a thing about me. Was it something I wrote? Hard to tell, because Herd doesn't do that kind of exchange; he prefers the anonymous slur. He can't even bring himself to put his name on his innocuous blog, which features pictures of cars and birds. The latest:

It’s a bicycle built for four, just like what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have. Check out the second stoker’s handlebars – it appears the little tyke has her own brake lever. It’s just a V-brake though, she ought to have control motorcycle-style disc, thusly. This rolling science experiment must be Robert “Crazy Rob” Ander son’s [typo on purpose as he's a little touchy, shhhh] worst nightmare.

This is what passes as wit for Herd. On second thought, I can understand why he doesn't put his name on it. Still, most people think it's shameful to insult someone anonymously. Why would I care about this bike? Because I think the so-called adults who put their kids on bikes and haul them around in city traffic are irresponsible. The children of the bike people are evidently mere accessories to their goofball hobby (in fact, the whole world is an accessory to their hobby). Whenever Herd writes about bikes, he evidently feels compelled to insult me.

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At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... Reading your post prompted me to take a look Mr. Herd's contribution to the internet. A kind description would be: Tedious.

Personally, I'd wear the "crazy" pet-name he has for you as a Badge of Honor! The proper hater spelling of "KKKrazy" would be a bigger honor however.

mission dist.


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