Monday, March 30, 2009

JROTC: the Pentagon is not the enemy

The campaign by the anti-war left to get city schools to dump the popular JROTC high school program has always been about sacrificing the interests of city students to make an ideological point---that the country's military is bad and anyone who associates with it is morally tainted. The radical left---the Bay Guardian, BeyondChron, Fog City---and the left-wing of the Democratic Party want to dump JROTC to send this message to our children: stay away from the armed services that are fighting and dying to defend your country.

Michael Bernick tries to reason with the left at BeyondChron with a fact-based argument for JROTC.

Two progressives explicitly make the ideological argument for dumping JROTC.

The pro-JROTC website:

Melissa Griffin has a good post on the issue, with a link to the school board's recent resolution reinstating JROTC, which it will be voting on again in May.

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