Monday, January 05, 2009

Stealth jihad in SF

Christopher Hitchens sounds the alarm---again---about stealth jihad, how the spineless mainstream media is quick to surrender free speech at the first hint of violence from the Islamic bullyboys.

Can't happen here? Already has. Recall the Islamist violence over the rather innocuous Danish cartoons several years ago. Recall that not single publication in SF or the Bay Area published the cartoons, though H. Brown and I provided a link so that you could at least see them online (If I was more technically adept, I would have posted the drawings themselves here)[Update: I finally did it. Here they are.]

Only the SF Chronicle published an editorial criticizing the Islamist violence, though it didn't publish the cartoons. Nothing at all from the Examiner, the SF Bay Guardian, the SF Weekly, or any of the "progressive" blogs and websites.

Recall too Bruce Brugmann's lame response when I questioned the Guardian's silence in the face of this intimidation :

There are lots of issues we are "silent" on, because we are a small SF paper with limited resources and lots to say about lots of things, mainly local. More: people who know us would know our position. Which was and is that we thought the cartoon assignment was a pretty dumb and insensitive one, but we would support the paper's right to publish the cartoons. However, we would not publish them in the Guardian to make the point, because others were publishing them and they were available on the web. No point in adding gratuitous logs to the fire.

A publisher thinks standing up for free speech in the face of fascist intimidation is "adding gratuitous logs to the fire"!

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