Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sean Penn in The Nation: "Narcissism disguised as journalism"

As a journalist, Sean Penn is a pretty good actor. His pathetic piece in The Nation on Castro's Cuba and Chavez's Venezuela provoked some negative responses:

"Mr. Penn, the fawning quality of your article makes it clear why the Castro brothers chose you as their mouthpiece. I can add little to the indignation of those who have already written with authentic knowledge of Cuba and Venezuela (versus your touristic, willingly manipulated impressions). This is not journalism, it is narcissism disguised as journalism--since the true focus of the piece is you."

The Chronicle's Phil Bronstein got it right:

"When you resigned from the Chronicle calling it an 'increasingly lamebrain paper,' Phil Bronstein, the paper's chief editor--himself a veteran foreign correspondent who during the Salvadoran war wrote some of the best and most courageous investigative articles about human rights violations by the Salvadoran government--commented: 'Sean is a great actor and a great director.' Which reads, 'He is a lousy reporter anyway.' I fully subscribe to his opinion."

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