Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prostitution more popular in SF than public power

Public power advocates---take a bow, Bay Guardian and Ross Mirkarimi---need to take a close look at the more or less final election numbers and compare the vote on public power with the vote on legalizing prostitution:
Proposition H (public power): lost 61% to 39% (210,963 against and 132,499 for).
Proposition K (legalizing prostitution in SF): lost 59% to 41% (201, 482 against and 139,471 for).
More people voted to legalize prostitution (139,471) than voted for public power (132,499).

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Congestion pricing in SF?

It's bracing to read the online comments on the congestion pricing article in this morning's Chronicle. There are so many---and they're still coming in---I don't have time to read them all. At last count, there were 944. The comments are running about 99% negative on the ultimate anti-car measure planned for us here in Progressive Land. Of course Mirkarimi, McGoldrick, and Ammiano like the idea. Can the Murk really think he'll ever be a viable candidate for mayor of SF?

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"Leave the city alone"

Anonymous has left a new comment:

"Rob, please. Tend to your ailing mother and leave the city alone."

Gee, Anon, you sure leave a lot of comments. My mother isn't "ailing," unless you consider old age itself a disease. She's 93-years-old, which suggests that longevity is in the Anderson line and that you'll have to endure many more years of negativity from District 5 Diary about the damage you smug, self-righteous progressives are doing to the city.