Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progs and blight

The letter to the editor below appeared in the SF Examiner. Even though Supervisor Mirkarimi supports the Whole Foods project, he is responsible for the blighted Harding Theater on Divisadero.

Activists prefer blight to progress
The likes of Calvin Welch will stop at nothing to railroad a viable community building project (“Whole Foods in Haight comes up for Debate,” October 22, 2008). When a City Planner states unequivocally that neighbors “overwhelmingly” support the full service grocery store, that should be enough for the naysayers to pick up their sore feelings and bother someone else. But not in this City. As we’ve seen with the Harding Theatre project in the Western Addition, these self-proclaimed “activists” would rather live among urban blight than accept the future.

Sherrie Matza,
San Francisco 

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