Friday, July 18, 2008

To SF progressives: Leave us alone

A city progressive on one of our local chatboards:
"That law[requiring restaurants to post nutrition information] passed unanimously on the board. Even Elsbernd and MAP didn't oppose it. Who exactly do you want to compromise with? Moderates support it too. Perhaps the narrow scope of the law was in response to progressives 'compromising.' The final product is something that has the support of virtually everyone. You guys don't even realize what a tiny minority you're in. Or perhaps you want to 'compromise' with the restaurants. Well, they aren't after compromise. They want to kill the idea entirely. Sometimes there's just no compromise, Miltie."

Rob responds:
That something was passed unanimously by this Board of Supervisors probably means it's bullshit. Recall that the Bicycle Plan passed unanimously, too. The problem people have with SF progressives is that they are nagging, self-righteous and meddlesome. They are utterly convinced of their own rectitude and political wisdom and are constantly looking for new ways to bully people into changing their behavior to conform to their half-baked notions. Progs want to tell us how to eat, how to travel (bikes of course); how, what, and where to smoke; how to "improve" our streets (punish drivers and encourage bike twits); where to live (in residential highrises near transit corridors); where to send our kids to school, which often means the other side of town; and the latest: close off streets and bully us into exercising. I left out the anti-JROTC effort, which expresses contempt for our military and all who serve in it. Next time the Islamic crackpots attack an American city, should we call SF progressives for help?

My campaign against Mr. Green Party super-prog, Ross Mirkarimi in District 5, is based on my Leave the Neighborhoods Alone Plan in opposition to Planning's Better Neighborhoods bullshit, against the Geary BRT, against encouraging excessive population density based on the false Transit Corridors theory, against UC's hijacking of the property on lower Haight St. for a massive housing development, against redesigning our streets on behalf of an aggressive, PC minority. Maybe we also need a Leave Us Alone Plan, too, covering all the other issues we are being hectored about by our smug prog citizenry. Even SF voters may eventually get fed up with this shit.

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