Monday, June 23, 2008

Phil Bronstein and the bike people

Phil Bronstein has a blog, and I of course found it endearing when he took on the Bike People the other day, blasting the advisory committee's recommendation to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to change the law to allow cyclists to legally "roll" through stop signs.

Bronstein's critical post on the subject earned him a blizzard---a total of 162---of irate comments, mostly from people who agreed with him in opposing the idea. Odd, however, that the Examiner broke the story---on the front page, no less---while the Chronicle's SF Gate, where Bronstein has his blog, didn't run the story at all. Until now I've been the only consistent critic of the bike people in the local media. Bronstein will be a welcome addition to the city's blogosphere, especially if he makes a habit of digging into other local issues.

Naturally, the SF Bicycle Coalition thinks it's a great idea.

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