Saturday, February 02, 2008

SF's crackpot, anti-car traffic/parking policy

My unpublished letter to the editor to the SF Chronicle:


The ridiculous lengths to which city school teachers have to go just to park near their place of work ("Moving cars part of daily lesson plan," Jill Tucker, Feb. 1, 2008) shows what happens when the city allows the SF Bicycle Coalition---and its many enablers in City Hall---to make our parking and traffic policy. The city now deliberately makes it as difficult and expensive as possible to drive a car in San Francisco. Nevertheless, we will still get the periodic hand-wringing by the mayor and the board of supervisors about how/why the middleclass and people with families are leaving the city. The city can't wage a continuous jihad against auto drivers in the city and still make it a desirable place to live for middle-income families.

Rob Anderson
San Francisco

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