Saturday, November 15, 2008

Whole Foods decision appealed

To all –

There will be an appeal of the Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 18, 2008, at 4 p.m. Those who oppose the project will either testify in front of the Board, or send letters/emails stating that the FEIR is a flawed document, that the traffic analysis was not accurate and that the loading for the grocery store will cause massive vehicle back-ups on Stanyan Street. We know this is not true, that after 4 hours of testimony on October 23, 2008, the Planning Commission voted 6-0 to certify the FEIR and to approve the Conditional Use Application. These votes were based on the merits of this project and on the numerous traffic studies that were conducted by City Planning.

If you have time, please email the Board of Supervisors and urge them to reject any appeal (regarding the FEIR or the Conditional Use). If you want, you can just copy and paste a previous email. I know many of you have written several letters, or even attended the hearing on the 23d of October. Your help has been greatly appreciated, and we need the Board of Supervisors to know that the FEIR is a good document and we need to remind the Board to not uphold any appeal.

Thank you for your consideration, (the contact information for the Supervisors is below)

Mark Brennan,
690 Stanyan Street, LLC

Michela Alioto-Pier, District 2 (415) 554-7752
Tom Ammiano, District 9 (415) 554-5144
Carmen Chu, District 4 (415) 554-7460
Chris Daly, District 6 (415) 554-7970
Bevan Dufty, District 8 (415) 554-6968
Sean Elsbernd, District 7 (415) 554-6516
Sophie Maxwell, District 10 (415) 554-7670
Jake McGoldrick, District 1 (415) 554-7410
Ross Mirkarimi, District 5 (415) 554-7630
Aaron Peskin, Board President, District 3 (415) 554-7450
Gerardo Sandoval, District 11 (415) 554-6975



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