Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama: The end of "bad-boy thinking"?

Stanley Crouch in The Daily Beast:

Barack Obama's election brings down the curtain on decades of potted history, academic hustles, and bad-boy thinking in black politics and culture...While we’re cleaning house, we cannot forget the intellectual crack of black studies. Initially proposed on college campuses as an alternative to racist history texts, it was not the alternative it claimed to be. In far too many cases, black studies very quickly became a hotbed of paranoid bunk and intellectual buffoonery. Its specialty was feeding black students a diet of alienation, hopelessness, aggressive victimhood, and a fusion of racist and paranoid interpretations of all experiences with white people, especially Jews. Bogus but rabid clowns like New York's Len Jeffries were good at little more than porous logic, meeting purported racism with actual racism, and strutting about in ethnic getups as though African garb put one closer to some sort of truth. Clothes make the man, indeed!

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