Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"An extremely intelligent individual who had a drug and alcohol problem..."

Sometimes I get positive feedback on District 5 Diary. Ms. Ulicny applauds my efforts, though publishing the names of the homeless who die on our streets every year seems like the least we can do. I wish I could do more. Chris Ulicny was on the list of the homeless who died in SF in 2006:

I read your article on AOL re: homeless deaths in the city of San Fran and my brother, Chris Ulicny, 46, died in 2006. I noticed you had him listed in your article. Chris was an extremely intelligent individual who had a drug and alcohol problem. We wanted to help him over and over again, but he was so far away...his family is all on the east coast. I wish things could have ended differently. We often would try to get help for him, but many places would not help someone, unless they had a permanent address. Programs need to be started to help drug abusers and alcoholics who are they can get treatment, if they don't have an address...many agencies shut him out. Thanks for listening. I forever miss my brother and feel a tremendous sense of guilt. I have learned to move on, but if you can help just one person, one family, this letter was worth it. Feel free to write me back and I applaud your efforts.

Rose McClune

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At 7:57 AM, Anonymous alcohol detox said...

Government officials must focus on creating health programs that can treat alcoholics as early as possible. It is because health programs can help abusers move on and improve their status in life as well.


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