Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Working for Mirkarimi

The item below is from the San Francisco Sentinel:

Smart Career Move Well Earned

True Blue Boris Delepine, now poppa to his own toddlin’ boy and recently born little girl, this week is a new-guy secure City civil servant, having left his post as Senior Legislative Aide to Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Dude Boris began his (quite responsive) public service career in the San Francisco Elections Department, served Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval as legislative aide, clever birthed the San Francisco Progressive Voter Project, played goodly role in getting Mirkarimi elected to his first term, labored notably in the Matt Gonzalez mayoral campaign, through all those years proffering friendship to this corner despite our political parting of the ways.

“Because his boss is a pig,” opined one senior legislative aide on City Hall second floor as to why Delepine left Mirkarimi.

Among frequent visitors to The Mirk’s office, who hasn’t heard screaming at his aides through closed doors?



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