Monday, July 07, 2008

JROTC supporters turn in signatures

Today JROTC supporters turned in more than 13,000 signatures to get the issue on the city's ballot, even though they only need 7,000.

Link to Channel 2 story:

City progressives are already worried, as they should be. From BeyondChron:

"To win this campaign, opponents of JROTC have to get very serious, and fast. After all, we are fighting the Pentagon, not some backwoods volunteer militia. We will need a real, professional campaign organization that can draw together all of the disparate forces and resources necessary to wage a winning campaign in the very short time before the November election. We will need to get to all the political clubs and endorsing organizations, and make sure that they take the right stand on their slate cards. We will need to craft a message that resonates with San Francisco voters, and find effective ways to get that message out. All of this on a very crowded ballot, where we will be competing with numerous other campaigns for the voters' attention."

The BeyondChron op-ed is accompanied by a picture of the Pentagon, in case their prog readers don't get the message. City lefties aren't just trying to dump a popular program over the objections of the kids enrolled; they are fighting the Pentagon!

The choice will be clear: allow self-righteous city progressives to make a purely symbolic political point at the expense of the 1600 kids enrolled in JROTC or vote for continuing the popular JROTC program while rebuking San Francisco's left-wing. Easy choice for me!



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