Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Western Edition gets it wrong---again

The Western Edition and District 5 Diary got off to a bad start way back in 2005 when they apparently took offense at my political criticism of Ross Mirkarimi, even though I was also a candidate for District 5 Supervisor in 2004.

I have been an unperson for that community paper ever since. I can live with that, but surely they have an obligation to their readers to get the facts right. They have now anointed Mirkarimi's re-election campaign by declaring that he will be running "uncontested" in November, even though a guy named Owen O'Donnell and I have taken out papers to run against him, which a quick phone call to the Elections Department could have verified.

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At 2:26 PM, Blogger murphstahoe said...

Unopposed - no.
Uncontested - maybe.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Cute but dumb, Murph. Of course you must think the Murk is doing a great job. Oh, the little smiley face is so cute! One of the problems you bike people have is that you are mostly feebs.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger murphstahoe said...

dumb - maybe
accurate - yes

smiley face omitted

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

uncontested was correct


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