Thursday, November 29, 2007

Latest Numbers on Homelessness in SF

The latest numbers from the SF Human Services Agency on homelessness in SF since 2004 when Gavin Newsom took office. Note that the Newsom administration has moved 6,388 homeless single adults off the streets and/or out of the shelter system into permanent housing. The County Adult Assistance Program is what used to be called General Assistance. Before Care Not Cash, the city was giving cash grants of $300-$400 a month to homeless people:

Care Not Cash:

* Decline in CAAP (County Adult Assistance Program) homeless caseload from April 2004 to October 2007: from 2,334 to 381 (a decline of 84%).

* Number of supportive housing units financed through Care Not Cash from Jan. 2004 to Nov. 2007: 1,321

* Number of CAAP homeless placed in housing via Care Not Cash from Jan., 2004 to Nov. 2007: 2,088

* Number of CAAP homeless who found housing on their own from May 2004 to Nov. 2007: 578


* Non-CAAP homeless people housed via the Human Services Agency's Housing First Program: 818

* Homeless people housed via the Department of Public Health's Direct Access to Housing (DAH) Program: 979

Homeward Bound: (SF buys homeless people bus tickets)

* Number of CAAP homeless people assisted in returning to home city:

* Average cost per person: $149

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