Monday, September 24, 2007

H. Brown on Robert Haaland: "Robert is brilliant..."

Just for the record: The excerpt in italics below is from a May, 2004, H. Brown piece. Brown accused me of "dementia" when I pointed out that once upon a time he endorsed Robert Haaland for District 5 Supervisor. 

It's okay with me if Brown wants to reinvent himself---and rewrite history while he's at it---every now and then, but I object to being insulted for mentioning an inconvenient fact.

Robert Haaland is ready. I won’t dwell on this one. Robert is brilliant, hard-working and, until Ross Mirkarimi entered the race Wednesday, was the odds-on leader. He did not besmirch his reputation a bit in the opening forum. His powerful calls to tax Downtown’s giant corporations were well received by the crowd. Mirkarimi is the best. This is the guy that took the collosus[sic] of PG&E to the matt[sic] twice, once losing and once being cheated of victory despite being outspent up to 20-1 on issues. In 20 years as a free-range consultant and bread & butter staffer to Terance Hallinan (and now, Kamala Harris, who knows quality when she sees it)...the man is respected in all corners of the City’s political community. That’s why he’s my first choice for the job. Like Gonzalez before him, Ross Mirkarimi is a genuine consensus builder. This is a guy who can get along with Tony Hall and Joe O’Donoghue and Gavin Newsom and, maybe even Tys Sniffen. Barnes vaults to third. Think IRV voting here folks...That’s what I continued to tell all who would listen. Like getting to vote 3 times...Or betting a trifecta at the track for $2...Ya can’t beat these deals, people...My May 14th trifecta is for Mirkarimi, Haaland and Bill Barnes...This can change...I moved Barnes ahead of Feldstein on the basis of lots of work Bill has done out of Chris Daly’s office (he’s Chief of Staff there, I think)...lot of work Bill has done lately...I want to support candidates who can not only win, but already have a deep array of City-wide contacts. Barnes fits the bill. Haaland fits the bill. And, more than anyone in the race, Mirkarimi fits the bill...A few others. Lisa Feldstein, Julian Davis & Diamond Dave. Lisa Feldstein was the best member of the Planning Commission. I was sorry to see her go. I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about her. At this point, she’s 4th in my ratings only because my top 3 candidates are so outstanding.