Saturday, August 25, 2007

UC's land-grab in perspective

Two years ago Warren and Darlene Dewar put UC's attempted land-grab in historical perspective.

In an interview with D5 Diary, Elizabeth Hemenway tells how UC mismanaged the property and then hastily shut down its extension classes on the site.

UC lied about not being able to afford to maintain the site as a college, finally releasing the figures showing how much they are now paying for downtown space to house the extension operation. The question is, Why isn't UC putting all that money into the Haight St. site? The answer is obvious.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty has been either MIA or treacherous on the UC issue. While pretending to have no position on the UC proposal, Dufty was evidently meeting with the developers.

When people in the Hayes Valley neighborhood had a chance to voice an opinion on the UC propoal, they rejected it.

The Planning Dept. lined up behind the UC proposal from the start.

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