Saturday, July 14, 2007

UC greedheads enlist Ammiano and gay chauvinists

Cynthia Servetnik (see messages below) is too diplomatic to put it this way, but the shameless UC/Evans greedheads have now enlisted Tom Ammiano and the city's gay chauvinists on behalf of their attempted land-grab of the old extension site on lower Haight St. But it looks like not all gays are going for this sleazy tactic.

Ammiano has introduced legislation to rezone the 5.8-acre property in an attempted end-run around the EIR process already underway on the UC/Evans plan to put 450 new housing units in an already densely-populated part of town. The hook for gay chauvinists: 80 of the 450 new units would be reserved for gay seniors. Though that may be illegal on its face, UC and Ammiano are hoping that it will be enough to buy off gays in the neighborhood. UC has already been caught in a Big Lie about why they are abandoning their education "mission" at the site.

Now the folks at UC are liars and demagogues.

From: Cynthia Servetnick
Date: Jul 13, 2007 9:14 AM
Subject: Request for Immediate Disclosure of Ordinance on Reuse of UC Berkeley Extension Laguna Street Campus
To: Tom Ammiano, Zach Tuller
Cc: Ross Mirkarimi, Regina Dick-Endrizzi, Stephen M. Williams, Sara Vellve, Tara Sullivan-Lenane, Leigh Kienker,

Supervisor Ammiano:

I am making an "Immediate Disclosure Request" in accordance with the City's Sunshine Ordinance for a copy of your ordinance on the reuse of the UC Berkeley Extension Laguna Street Campus. I will stop by your office to pick up the requested materials in person after 12 noon on Monday, July 16th. Said request was made previously on March 13, 2007 via the below email to Zach Tuller. I urgently want to see the ordinance after reading, "Moves under way for site of proposed senior housing" by Bay Area Reporter Heather Cassell published on July 12, 2007

I am concerned that no rezoning of the campus can or should occur without adequate analysis under CEQA. The draft EIR for the proposed 55 Laguna Mixed Use Project states, "The project would result in three impacts that cannot be avoided if the proposed project is implemented; 1) the substantial alteration or demolition of existing structures which qualify as historical resources under CEQA (Administration Wing of Richardson Hall, Middle Hall and the Laguna Street retaining wall) 2) project site may no longer be eligible as a potential campus historic district after completion of the project, and 3) rezoning of the project site would have significant impacts to historic resources that are similar to those of the proposed project."

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Cynthia Servetnick,
AICP, Co-Chair Save the UCBE Laguna Street Campus

Forwarded message below

From: Cynthia Servetnick
Date: Mar 13, 2007 1:41 PM
Subject: Request for Draft Ordinance on the reuse of the UC Berkeley Extension Laguna Street Campus
To: Zach Tuller
Cc: Regina Dick-Endrizzi,

Zach: Thanks in advance for emailing me a copy of the draft ordinance that Supervisor Ammiano is working on with the UC/AF Evans/openhouse team once it is available for review.


Cynthia Servetnick, AICP,
Co-Chair Save the UCBE Laguna Street Campus