Monday, December 11, 2006

Big scoop on PROSF: Democrats are "shit"

This message was sent to the PROSF bulletin board---and not published---in response to H. Brown's message (below):
(This just in: PROSF just posted my response to Brown's piece, six days after I sent it in. I suppose they had to get my message screened by the PC committee before they could post it. Brown's message, on the other hand, sailed right through the same day it was submitted.)


So H. Brown gets to call Democrats "shit" on the PROSF bulletin board? (Except of course for his pal Chris Daly, who, surprisingly, is a Democrat and not a Green.) Why exactly is Josh Wolf a "national hero"? He seemed to be a nice young fellow when I met him during the 2004 campaign in District 5. But he's committed a crime against the Capitalist State, and now he's doing the time. 

If Wolf is admirable, it's only because he's not being a snitch by turning over the video of the demo in question, not because he's standing up for the First Amendment. Some of his unmasked anarchist comrades could be busted---and rightly so---in connection with the serious injury of a city cop during that demonstration. But as an anarchist, surely Wolf understands that he's not going to get away with blowing off a Federal Grand Jury.

And Mark Leno fired Julian Davis for political reasons? Like to hear more about that. (Like Brown and me, Davis was a candidate for supervisor in D5 in 2004.) District 5 wants to know! Of course Katherine Roberts ("Trees Not Cars") likes John Rizzo, who was just elected to the board at city college. Rizzo was the anti-garage, bike guy on the board of the Concourse Authority, where he was a minority of one and pushed things like a bogus Sunshine complaint against the Concourse Authority.

Why Brown thinks anyone is interested in his consumption of booze and drugs is a mystery to me. It doesn't exactly lend either his narrative or his brand of politics a lot of credibility.

Rob Anderson

From: h. brown
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006
Subject: Last night's Josh Wolf event

boys and girls,
A mostly accurate account of the 3rd fundraiser for Josh Wolf. Luke's in Morocco til next week, or we'd have pics. Nevertheless, a fine and fun forum. Send Josh a letter. It's pretty much the only communications he has. And, do yourself a favor by doing yourself a favor. You call that a favor?

Jester open letter to Josh

"Two beautiful women, a glass of free whiskey and a supervisor to harass." (Eileen Left describes my Nirvanah) She left out the back porch and the exchanged pipes stuffed with medicinal pot and the chattering of brillian friends from whom I cadge cute comments continuously. Yeah Josh, your third party/rally last night was a huge success for me. And, let me say this on behalf of all of us who have taken up your cause... thanks for a rocking good time!The gorgeous Persian lady ('Sasharana' or something) from the Mirkarimi campaign brought a friend who was just as pretty and wanted to meet Luke Thomas. Luke's my new Matt Gonzalez. Femme fatales are forever sidling up to me just to try and meet my friends. I'll take that. Of course they moved away when I told them that Luke wouldn't be there. Away in Morocco photographing the king and Gus Murad or something. Sasha did have a few more questions about campaigns and personalities of candidates and the like. It was great, Josh.

Bruce Wolfe was there. I took one of his big campaign buttons (Bruce Wolfe for SF City College Board) and glued white paper over all but the 'Wolf' and made it read: "Free the Wolf Now!." I thought it looked great. Gave it to Julian Davis who wore it proudly. Julian's drawing unemployment now, you know? Yeah, Leno (who was there to give a speech in favor of free speech) fired Julian for exercising his own free speech. Can you believe that shit? Probably one of Mark's big donors didn't like Julian's close ties to the SFPO. Anyway, Leno was there shucking and jiving and telling us all to write letters to our good friends, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein to push for a shield law.

The Democrats are such shit. Pelosi and Feinstein are Neocon leaders and there is no way they'll help a young anarchist who embraces challengers of the G-8. Oh, you'll get out kid. And, you'll be a hero for the rest of your life for taking this fall for us. Incidentally, Diamond Dave said to say 'Hi'. We gotta make the federal shield law for journalists an issue in the presidential campaign. Then, people who hate you and everything you stand for, will demand that you be released.

The Democrats suck. OK, not all of them. Chris Daly's right on. He got the biggest response from the crowd when he spoke. Brugmann was the most powerful speaker but one of your lawyers (in leather jacket & jeans) had the best anecdotal comments: "Josh has never been convicted of any crime but they give more freedom to convicted murderers and terrorists than they allow him." Powerful stuff. Later, in the bar room in back (Club's named 'Bazalo' or something---2183 Mission---fabulously funky place that goes on forever through nooks and crannies)...later, Daly asked me if I knew what it was like to realize some people were smarter than yourself. I immediatel started pointing out people within 10 feet of us, starting with your lawyer. Yeah, there was a bunch arguing about the best strategy for running candidates for mayor next year. There were big pictures of you everywhere. Poster size. You know, maybe 2'X 3' or so. It kind of had the flavor of you being a martyr or a South American candidate for president. Jack Sylvan was there fresh from his Board victory on the Treasure Island redevelopment plan. Charles Kalish and Loren Basham sat with me and Jens Nielsen and his lady, Leona Gonsalves. James Chaffee and I kick-started the dancing to some heavy Hip-hop sounds. Kalish and Libertarian, Phil Berg (who's legally blind) joined us and Phil complimented Kalish for the view out Charles and Susan's window from their classy little cottage on Lundy's Lane just down the hill from Tim Redmond's. And, Tom Ammiano's. David Campos kept trying to downplay his opposition to police reform (he's a Board appointee to that commission and put the first dagger in Theresa Sparks' back when she tried to take down Louise Renne). Jim Dorenkott slinked in late dressed to the nines in an 'After 6' tuxedo and sporting a scantily clad blonde on each arm. His conspicuous consumption is indefensible. Doug MacAbee sent a crisp 20 dollar bill, plus 10 for drinks when he dropped us off and headed over to a vacationing friend's place to care for a lonely cat. Kathy Roberts had some nice things to say about newly elected College Board member, John Rizzo. She only paused to toss in a few compliments to Marc Salomon who was locked in conversation with Joe Lynn. Like myself, Kathy's always trying to build bridges and smooth the water. We're rays of sunshine on a cloudy day. The Greens are angling to have Matt Gonzalez give a presentation before them. I'll be sure to be there to toss a few friendly questions. People sang. They recited poetry. The channel #2 news crew was there interviewing Julian. All in all, you had a nice party last night, guy. This morning I was up early to write a bout it. I sat watching the pink clouds of the dawn give way to the fingertips of the storm front that will be upon us by Salon time this afternoon. Watching the sky lighten and then darken. Fired up a bad cigar and then a great joint. Moved from an Irish coffee to a bourbon-on-the-rocks. Gobbled down some cold cheese pizza to cushion the cascade of booze and opened the morning papers to trace the dance of the fools at City Hall. Then, I looked out the window again and forgot what I was supposed to be doing. In short, other than you becoming a national hero, things are about the same around here. Old men dance while the blind describe the scenery. Drunks flirt with beauty queens...It's always happy hour on Skid Row.

take care...Salonites...we are on for today, as usual. can write Josh directly: Federal Correctional Institution - Dublin, Joshua Wolf 98005-111, 5701 8th St. Camp-Parks, Unit J2, Dublin, CA 94568. And, for contributions: Liz Wolf-Spada, PO Box 2235, Wrightwood, CA 92397.

enjoy the rain,

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