Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Bike Debate: "You seem to be pushing this issue a little too much..."

bikefridaywalter wrote:
Again, as both Joel and I asked on my blog, what is your real agenda, Rob? You're so busy covering your ass against all these allegations and claims people make you're simply avoiding it. You seem to be pushing this issue a little bit too much just because you think that that the process was badly followed. Maybe you have a beef with someone at SFBC? Maybe Critical Mass pissed you off one day? But, really, what the hell is the inspiration for all this? I kind of get the feeling like you don't have a vested interest in protecting the resources available to automobile drivers. I do get the feeling like you're not saying what the real deal is.

Rob Anderson
My "real agenda"? You mean it's not enough to have the facts and the law on my side in the discussion about an ambitious project that will change---for the worse, in my opinion---many of the city's streets based on a PC fantasy? You guys are too politically infantile to understand the difference between the political and the personal? Is that how you deal with other issues? You're evidently so unused to having your political beliefs challenged that you are incapable of dealing with the facts at hand. Take a quick spin through my blog archives, Walter, and you will notice that I write about other issues besides the bike bullshit: UC's attempt to cash in on the old Extension property; Octavia Blvd.; the Market/Octavia Plan; city progressives, like Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi; the SF Bay Guardian and the SF Weekly; the Rincon Hill developments and the We Need Housing movement, etc. What's the "real deal" with you, Walter? Your posting on the litigation was uninformed, as I pointed out in my comment. The city was acting unlawfully in how they were implementing the Bicycle Plan. Superior Court Judge Peter Busch agrees and has reprimanded them with his decision, which means that the city is going to have to do an EIR. Instead of trying to psychoanalyze me, this is the reality that you should be finding out the "real deal" about.