Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Does Matt Palmquist have anything to say?

If Matt Palmquist has anything to say about SF politics and issues, why doesn't he just say it? Palmquist's October 11-17 pseudo-quiz is about the Blue Angels and Fleet Week: "Another Fleet Week has come and gone in San Francisco. Was it an intrusive distraction or a welcome reminder of our country's military might?" Can you guess how Palmquist answers that question? Actually, you don't have to do any guessing, since the snotty "answers" to the "questions" make it pretty clear: One of three possible answers, "To me, Fleet Week represents America. If everyone were on steroids." ("Blue Angels, Broken Eardrums," SF Weekly)


Given San Francisco's storied anti-war past and present---Market Street hosted a traffic-stopping rally against the war in Iraq last week on the same day the Blue Angels flew their practice sessions---do you find it at all incongruous that the city should be so enthusiastic about Fleet Week?

I'll spare you the three possible cutesy "answers" Palmquist provides.

This sort of thing represents SF politics at its most obnoxious---straining to be with-it, PC and clever---and utterly failing in the latter---without clearly taking a stand or saying anything. Politics as style statement. At least his colleague Matt Smith isn't coy about saying what he thinks, even though what he thinks is often bullshit.

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