Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Answer the question, dammit!

Bruce Brugmann, Editor/Publisher of the SF Bay Guardian is now doing a blog, and his early posts have to do with the media, the public, and media monopoly. But what do we do when all of our "independent" media outlets fail to even mention an issue? See for example the current issue of the Guardian, wherein Tim Redmond discusses homelessness in SF, the first appearance of the issue in that publication in many months. Just as shocking was the Guardian's failure to even mention the cartoon riots initiated by Islamofascists against the western media last year. The goal of the Islamists was to intimidate the media, and, judging from the Guardian, the SF Weekly, BeyondChron, the Sentinel, Left in SF, the SF Examiner and every other media outlet in SF---except for the SF Chronicle, District 5 Diary and H. Brown---the violent religious crackpots succeeded.

I sent this question to Brugmann several days ago and still haven't received a response: "I ask this question not in anger but with genuine curiosity: During the kerfuffle about the Danish Muhammad cartoons last year, the Guardian was silent. Why?"

Seems to me the Guardian's readers have a right to know the answer to the question. If some misguided notion of multiculturism and religious tolerance is determining what stories Brugmann deigns to discuss in the Guardian---as seems to be the case---local progs need to know that and adjust their news and idea sources accordingly.

See the cartoons here.

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