Monday, August 07, 2006

"Critical Mass is FUN!"

Abbott Rhineway writes: 

"Hey Rob.. the big point that you're missing is that Critical Mass is FUN! Yes, it's good clean fun at a scheduled time once a month when motorists are perfectly aware it will occur. Lighten up bro, it's a fun event and almost everyone digs it with a smile. That said, i DO agree that there should be areas where "the mass" is crossable...perhaps a police escort would help?"

Whether motorists are "perfectly aware" of Critical Mass or not, it's a huge inconvenience for everyone but its juvenile participants. 

Why is Critical Mass scheduled for rush hour on a Friday? To cause the maximum disruption of commuter traffic. Yes, I understand that it's fun for its emotionally infantile participants. Leah Shahum herself had a quasi-religious experience at her first Critical Mass. 

But adults don't create their fun at the expense of the larger community. You and the other Critical Mass participants seem to be a case of arrested emotional development, perpetual adolescents who insist on indulging themselves at the expense of everyone else. 

Critical Mass would probably wither and die without the endorsement of the SF Bicycle Coalition, which uses it as an organizing tool, in spite of the hypocritical disclaimer on their online calendar.

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