Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chris Daly, Mayor Newsom, and "Question Time"

As I've pointed out before, Supervisor Daly has an obsession with Mayor Newsom, the roots of which only his therapist knows for sure.

An article in today's New York Times describes question time in the British Parliament:

Torturing the prime minister by repeatedly accusing him of being a washed-out has-been who should honor his pledge to leave office, while other legislators shout, whistle, guffaw and stamp their feet. Perfectly acceptable...the goal is to score points any way you can, including witty one-liners, withering put-downs, low-blow ad hominem remarks, muttered asides and the enthusiastic verbal pummeling of anyone who falters...Like the feral schoolboys in Lord of the Flies, members of Parliament are quick to pounce on weakness. ("What's Mannerly, Rowdy and Jabs Blair? Question Time," Sarah Lyall, NY Times, July 26, 2006)

Given this past political behavior and his thing about the mayor, Daly's infatuation with the Prime Minister's "question time" in the British Parliament is not surprising.

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Mr. Mean strikes again

A piece of information in this morning's SF Chronicle: "Bay Area bus route with the most weekday boardings: the Municipal Railway's 38 Geary line with 49,300." (By the Numbers, Section B-1). 

Regular readers of the SF Weekly may recall that last year Matt Smith opined that "the 38 Geary remains an underused extended sentence in transit jail." Turns out that not only is the 38 line not underused, it's the most used bus line in the whole Bay Area. Otherwise, Smith got it just right. Is it mean of me to point that out?

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