Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Muni Driver on the bike extremists

I was pleasantly surprised to hear of your lawsuit and the ensuing injunction. It's about time someone forced this out in the open. I hope you find legal grounds to deny the City's share of road taxes collected by DMV. The money should be withheld whenever lanes are expropriated for other than motor vehicles, buses and trolleys. One idea is to encourage vehicle owners to change their address of registry to a location outside of the City---that will automatically prevent the City from receiving ANY of the road taxes the vehicle owners pay. Restricting traffic exacerbates the pollution problem. It can probably be proven that expropriating traffic lanes from arterials has a negative effect on the environment---more pollution and worsened quality of life.

Critical Mass should be required to obtain permits and until they do, their running signals and blocking intersections should be cause for summonsing and/or arrest. The City wants to enforce the highway code in a selective manner; this in unfair. I entreat you to think of another creative legal manoeuvre to stop this. The Bicycle Coalition are extremists. I do ride bicycles myself and I have never felt that they or their bike-lane proposals would make me much safer. This is about people who want to force their way of life upon others. The antics of the Bicycle Coalition and this critical mass business have actually made it more dangerous for me to enjoy my bicycle because of the hostility that they provoke.

You have done a good thing. Don't stop thinking of any legal means to force these extremists to follow legal procedure. Stymie them at every turn. May I suggest contacting the appropriate central valley legislators to inform them that San Francisco's poor traffic-signal planning and synchronization exacerbates the pollution of central valley cities such as Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto?

This city should be required to plan for synchronized arterials as well as transit-preferential signalling. I know the latter is a joke; I drive for Muni. Bicycle lanes benefit too few people in this traffic-jammed city to be justified. In closing, the City should be forced to post large signs advising users of any street of proposed changes or traffic sign/signal installation let alone bicycle lanes. Such signs should include addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to which those affected can make their opinions known.

Organizations such as the Bicycle Coalition (as well as stop-sign and traffic-signal shills) have been forcing their agenda by surprise long enough. Keep up the good work; you've stomped on the right toes.


John Daniels

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