Monday, July 03, 2006

A bike nut supports Mr. Mean

Bike nut Greg Hayes sent this letter to the SF Weekly in response to Matt Smith's hysterical article in the current issue on the recent court injunction stopping implementation of the Bicycle Plan until a hearing in September.


Mr. Anderson is a friend of myself, my family and our Community in the Western Addition. While his general views on bicycle transportation are basically insane, his claim that the DPT and SFBC abused public process in regard to the recent Bike Plan is unfortunately true.

The SFBC basically privatized the bike plan and excluded valid public input, even the input of other bicycle advocates. I was on the Bicycle Advisory Committee at the time the plan's work plan was being "approved." The Committee made direct requests that the issues Mr. Anderson's suit is based upon be addressed in the bike plan. The SFBC and DPT ignored these requests and instead tried to skirt state-mandated CEQA review and now they are paying for it in court.

Denying speech and freedom is wrong whether it is done by traffic engineers, or in this case, traffic engineers under the influence of non-profit corporations. If ped/bike advocates really want the streets to be safe they should be working to have an open, public planning process that follows state law and considers all viewpoints. Public speech is the only real way to heal the public streets.

Greg Hayes
Western Addition, SF

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