Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rob Anderson: Geezer from Hell

At 1:44 PM, MattyMatt said...
"I'd be interested in reading your rebuttal to the points brought up in the article."

What "points"? That, in Matt Smith's shockingly lame piece in the SF Weekly, I'm a "mean" person? Or that I harbor a "deep animosity toward the bicycle community" (Steve Jones in the SF Bay Guardian)? 

These folks---the bike people and their progressive enablers---are so unused to criticism here in Progressive Land that they don't know how to handle it. I mean, how can I criticize them? They don't burn fossil fuel! 

Actually, the Jones piece wasn't too bad. He seems to be a nice guy, and he evidently at least listened to what I was saying---or maybe he recorded our conversation. Smith, of course, didn't talk to me at all. Perhaps not coincidentally, last year I did a full-blown critique of one of his SF Weekly pieces here on D5 Diary. 

But note that both articles had to point out that I was a "failed" D5 candidate for supervisor, as if I'm a bitter old man---the Geezer From Hell---and just hate people who ride bikes. 

Untrue. I just think it's foolish and dangerous to ride a bike in the city. And it's completely unacceptable to allow this tiny minority with the dangerous hobby to redesign the streets of San Francisco without doing a serious study of the impacts, which is what the litigation is about, not my alleged animosity to cyclists.

Smith is in fact a bike zealot himself. See a couple of pieces I did on him last year. Let me know if I was too "mean" to Matt here and here.

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