Monday, November 20, 2006

Critical Mass: The virus spreads to Walnut Creek

Our Eastbay cycling correspondent sends these thoughts:

Hello, reporter Matt Krupnick at the Contra Costa Times. In response to your somewhat sympathetic story about the developing monthly Walnut Creek critical Mass ride protest, who are you kidding? The militant anti-car bicycle extremists of the SFBC, EBBC, BFBC, and CBC, allied with radical green groups, are the historical orchestrators or organizers of Critical Mass. Your often-repeated nonsense about CM supposedly being a leaderless or spontaneous event is spread by the CM organizers, so they won't be held responsible by the authorities for the destructive criminal mayhem that can occur on CM rides.

As for the anti-car Critical Mass activists claim that only exercising, spandex-wearing cyclists are to be found in the Walnut Creek area, is more nonsense. There are lots of daily transportation cyclists in Contra Costa Co. They enjoy some of the best & safest road conditions in the Bay Area, and typically encounter courteous, friendly motorists while cycling Contra Costa's well maintained roads that usually have adequately-paved, wide shoulders. To their credit, those daily CC transportation bicyclists most strongly reject the antagonistic and juvenile anti-car crusade that the discredited Critical Mass bicycle circus represents. Yes, responsible and serious cyclists want nothing to do with the extremist, anti-car bicycle clowns known as Critical Mass. Unfortunately for Contra Costa's daily transportation & fitness cyclists, the antagonistic anti-car Critical Mass bicycle protests will jeopardize the amiable relationship that Contra Costa bicyclists & motorists now usually enjoy.

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At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love passive-aggressive bloggers who post these kinds of messages without sending them directly to the people who should see them.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Who would you like to see this? Seems to me I sent it to the guy who wrote the story. Anyhow,I'm strictly aggressive in my commentary, not passive. I put it out here for all to see, and I put my name on everything. I don't hide behind "anonymous."


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