Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gangsta "culture" and guns: a comment

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Poverty= violence= B.S.
I know lots of poor, rural folk who have plenty of guns and not 2 nickles to rub together. Not a single one of them or their towns have had a gangland shooting spree or escalated gun violence of any kind. Not poverty. It can't be or rural Alabama would have shot itself to death by now. It's about "culture." The culture without father, a culture without authority or community, a culture of disrespect, might-makes-right, and power-by-bodycount.
"employment, education...need to be taken care of"

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At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personal find your blog post racist. The reason why their is so much gun violence in the City is not because of the "Gangsta" culture. The reason that their is so mush violence is because the their is a culture of neglect. The city of SF IS ONE OF THE RICHEST CITIES IN THE WORLD, but a black or latino that has lived in SF all their life has a harder time finding a living wage job than a white person that just moved into the city. And schools in certain neighborhoods have more reasources that that other schools in pooer neighborhoods. Inequality in th9s city starts from birth! No, this city has no "Gangsta culture", it just has a real culture of forget and neglect.

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