Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trent Rohrer replies: Study "being conducted"

It doesn't sound like a "third-party analysis," but Trent Rhorer, Executive Director of Human Services, replies: "The study is currently being conducted under contract to the Human Services Agency."

Subject: The Missing 1000

Mr. Rohrer:

As you can see by the excerpt from Rachel Gordon's column below, you were quoted as saying that you planned to commission a study to find out what happened to all the folks who disappeared from the city's welfare rolls after Care Not Cash became operative in 2004. Was such a study done? If so can I get a copy?

Rob Anderson

From City Hall Beat
by Rachel Gordon
SF Chronicle
Dec. 31, 2004:

And the answer is: More than 1,000 homeless people have dropped off the welfare rolls since the city implemented the Care Not Cash program in May. And now the city is readying to find out why. Trent Rhorer, the city's welfare chief, said his department plans to fund a third-party analysis to gain a greater understanding of the caseload reduction under Care Not Cash, which cuts the monthly cash stipend for homeless people once they're offered a residential hotel room or a cot in a shelter. Today, about 855 people are on the rolls---a 66 percent decline since the spring, Rhorer said. Did people slip through the cracks? Leave town? Find housing on their own?

"We're going to get a better understanding of what happened to those folks," Rhorer said.

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