Thursday, July 13, 2006

Letter to Mayor Newsom: Fire Leah Shahum

Subject: Fire Leah Shahum
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005
From: Rob

Mayor Newsom:

As you can see in the message below, Leah Shahum is insulting you again. With all due respect for free speech, you should fire her now from the MTA board. As I'm sure you know, none of the bike fanatics voted for you; they all voted for Gonzalez. And they never will vote for you, because you aren't fashionably leftist enough---and you only ride a bike on Bike to Work Day. People like me who voted for you would like to see Shahum given the boot. You don't have to put up with this nonsense!

Rob Anderson

P.S. Who can I contact in your administration if I have some questions about homelessness?

From: Leah Shahum
Date: July 12, 2006
To: GGP/healthy saturdays list/supporters
Subject: Action Tonight 6pm!

Hi Everybody, I just confirmed w/ someone in the Mayor's Office that Newsom IS planning to attend this event tonight at 6pm at Conservatory of Flowers. It's being thrown by group called Coalition for Park Access (oh the irony!) and is made up of the folks who opposed Healthy Saturdays. WE NEED TO TURN PEOPLE OUT FOR THIS!!!! Let's show the Mayor and all those folks that this idea is not limping away! Can you make it tonight?! Please email me back if yes---and please spread the word to others. Even if you can only go for 15 minutes, it's important to have a presence. Folks are meeting at 5:45pm on sidewalk on JFK Dr. directly in front of Conservatory. We're sending a member w/posters and markers, so please help them out. 

Even if we only have a dozen people there (kids are VERY welcome!!!), it will make an impact by showing we're NOT going away. ALSO, let's organize an impromptu event this Saturday, 7/15, which will highlight the Mayor's lack of action. We can play off of this ridiculous event tonight by having our own silly event that "recognizes" all the Mayor has NOT done for the Park! This also happens to be the 2 month anniversary since his veto! I'm working on a press release now that will highlight that, since his veto, the Mayor has only found time to go to fancy evening parties at the Conservatory (supposedly a public institution...) with the opponents of access who are misleadingly calling themselves proponents of access....while the real proponents of access wait for his supposed compromise that he promised w/the veto. Can folks also get the word out---and attend---an event this Saturday, 7/15 in front of the Conservatory at 11am? Please let me know. This is a PRIME time to shame the Mayor into some action. Please jump back in now!!!!

thx leah

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