Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SF People's Organization: Party time

After listing all the progressive city luminaries who attended last Saturday's auction for the SF Peoples' Organization, H. Brown names some of us who weren't there: "Missing were Marc Salomon and Richard Marquez and Chris Finn and Joe O'Donoghue and Rob Anderson and Randy Knox and Whitney Leigh." (http://sfbulldog.com/hBrown/)

Unlike the others on this list---Salomon and Marquez for sure---I'm not a "progressive." I'm a liberal and a registered Democrat, which H. should keep in mind when he says stuff like, "Never vote for a Democrat again in your life." In fact that's all I vote for anymore. 

I don't like parties, and I have no interest in or political sympathy for the San Francisco Peoples' Organization, which is turning out to be just another social club for lonely lefties, who seem to think going to parties and hanging out with the artsy-fartsy set is a political act. Matt Gonzalez was the main auctioneer at the event H. describes, even though Supervisor Daly was there, too. 

Daly earned the right to be head auctioneer after raffling off the Rincon Hill area in D6 to luxury condo developers for $58 million in development fees last year.

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