Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Matt Drake responds: "Thanks for your thoughts..."


It's never too early to deal in specifics. I shouldn't even have suggested that personal attacks are legitimate in a political campaign, because they aren't. The beauty of running against Chris Daly, however, is that no dirty tricks are necessary, since he provides so much legitimate political ammunition to his critics. You have not availed yourself of that early advantage on your website. These are the kind of questions you should be asking district voters to think about: What kind of leadership is it that allows 19 marijuana clubs to open up in District 6? What kind of leadership is it that, in a city that has a severe shortage of affordable housing, facilitates 3000+ luxury condos in District 6? What kind of leadership is it that, while serving as temporary mayor when Mayor Brown was out of the country, appoints Adam Werbach to the PUC? Etc.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your thoughts. Obviously we agree on some things (Daly has to be beat) and disagree on others (e.g. whether I'm the one to do it). On homelessness, I do mention that I like what the Mayor is doing. It's obviously not the sort of problem that's going to be solved overnight, but I think he's making some steps in the right direction. As for having him hammer me, I've got a sharp tongue myself. I look forward to it. When the time comes, I'm prepared to hit and hit very hard. I just think it's too early. Feel free to email me if you've got further questions about what I believe.




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